Board of Directors, Committees & Faculty

The Board of Directors — elected every two years — sets policies, governs the affairs of NOBPC and provides a connection between NOBPC and the community. The various talents, disciplines, and backgrounds of Board Members, Committee Members, and Faculty enrich our programs and the vitality of our organization

Board of Directors


 Dale Firestone, LCSW  President
 Jamie Cromer, LCSW ACSW  Vice-President
 Janell Kalifey, LCSW  Secretary and Chair, Information Committee
 F. Joseph Drolla, Jr. Esq Treasurer, and President of the Foundation
Ted Reveley, MD Immediate Past President
Marilyn Skinner, MD Chair, Psychoanalytic Education Committee
Denise Dorsey, MD At-Large Board Member
Stephen Anen, PhD  At-Large Board Member
Sally Buras At-Large Board Member
Psychoanalytic Education Committee
Marilyn Skinner, MD Chair
Denise Dorsey, MD Chair, Progress Committee
Barbara Murray, MD Chair, Curriculum Committee
Sam Rubin, MD Chair, Child Analysis Committee
Dale Firestone, LCSW Chair, Selection Committee
Lee Ascherman, MD  
Elsa Pool, MD  
Elizabeth Trawick, MD  
Talaat Mohamed, MD  
Ted Reveley, MD  
Outreach & Continuing Education Committee
Jamie Cromer, LCSW ACSW Co-Chair
Janell Kalifey, LCSW Co-Chair
Dale Firestone, LCSW  
Denise Dorsey, MD  
Taylor Aultman, LCSW  
Kathy Nathan, PhD  
Stephen Anen, PhD  
Nominating Committee
Jamie Cromer, LCSW ACSW
Molly Rothenberg, PhD
Kathy Nathan, PhD
Faculty Committee
Randy Harper, PhD 2013-2017
C. Ted Reveley, MD 2013-2017
Lee Ascherman, MD 2015-2019
Barbara Murray, MD 2015-2019
Clinician Assistance Committee
Denise Newman, PhD 2013-2017
Steve Kowalski, MD 2013-2017
Ron Fleischmann, MD 2015-2019
Carolyn Weyand, PhD 2015-2019
John Rosegrant, PhD 2015-2019
Ethics Committee
Denise Dorsey, MD 2013-2017
Barbara Murray, MD 2013-2017
Doug Pool, MD 2015-2019
Ron Fleischmann, MD 2015-2019
Taylor Aultman, LCSW 2015-2019
William Walker, PhD 2015-2019
Membership Committee
Sally Buras
Jack McGregor, MD

Elizabeth Trawick, MD*

Lee Ascherman, MD* ^ Chris Meyers, MD
Stephen Cochran, MD Barbara Murray, MD
Jamie Cromer, LCSW, ACSW Howard Osofsky, MD, PhD
Denise Dorsey, MD* Joy Osofsky, PhD
Dale Firestone, LCSW Doug Pool, MD
Ron Fleischmann, MD Elsa Pool, PhD, LCSW*
David Goldberg, PsyD Ted Reveley, MD*
Randolph T. Harper, PhD.^ Camilla Rogers, PhD.
Janell Kalifey, LCSW Sam Rubin, MD*
Steve Kowalski, MD^ Marilyn Skinner, MD*
Susan Sparkman, MD Talaat Mohamed, MD*^
Elizabeth Trawick, MD


* Training and Supervising Analysts ^ Child Analysts