Honorary Mentorship Program

NOBPC’s Honorary Mentorship program is designed to provide participants the opportunity to associate with experienced psychoanalysts and other professionals with similar interests. Mentees will participate in NOBPC activities, exposing them to analytic ideas presented by local as well as nationally recognized analytic thinkers. The primary requirement from an applicant is demonstrate a genuine interest in learning about psychoanalytic thought. Applicants are, in part, recruited from academic programs, medical schools, psychology and social work programs, and psychiatry residency programs, but we encourage applicants with diverse backgrounds to apply. Students and Faculty from academic and clinical programs are invited.

All applicants must submit a current resumé and one letter of recommendation from individuals familiar with his/her academic or professional work.  See below for more program details.

Application for Honorary Mentorship Program


The Mentorship Program is Open to the Public

To become an NOBPC fellow, you don’t have to be a therapy professional. The program accepts people from different background and professions, including artists, attorneys, and more. The key requirement is you possess a genuine interest in growing your analytic thinking skills.


One of the most important elements of this program is Mentorship. Mentors are selected from training analysts and faculty members who generously donate their time to the Honorary Mentorship Program and the Mentee. The Mentor will meet with his/her Mentee at least once per month to discuss psychoanalytic issues, concepts, individualized readings, and cases. The Mentor and Mentee may also engage in research. The Mentor should encourage these meetings but both are responsible for the meetings to take place.

Once accepted, Mentees are invited to participate in NOBPC programming. At the beginning of each Mentorship year, a social is held for Mentee and Mentor introduction. Throughout the year, Mentees are asked to attend at least three NOBPC Outreach events from the provided event calendar. Mentees are added to the e-mail list to receive notification of events. Mentees have access to the NOBPC library, one of the largest psychoanalytic libraries in the Southeast.

Attendance Policy

Our Mentors generously donate their clinical time so no cancellations except in case of emergency. If a cancellation is required, the Mentor/Mentee will need a minimum of at least 24 hours’ notice. Mentees need to attend a minimum of 7 mentoring sessions throughout the Mentorship year (September-May).

In order to get a certificate of completion, Mentees must meet all requirements of the honorary Mentorship program.

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