Child Psychoanalytic Training

Adult psychoanalytic candidates or adult psychoanalysts are eligible to apply for admission to NOBPC’s four-year child psychoanalytic training program through the Southeastern Regional Consortium for Child Analytic Training. The Child Analytic Training is conducted on a semester academic calendar through a collaborative program of the New Orleans-Birmingham Psychoanalytic Center and Cincinnati Psychoanalytic Institute. Our program provides the Southeast region with more accessible training. Candidates in child analysis may apply at any time during or after their adult analytic training.


  1. The Child Analytic Training Program includes three years of seminars followed by a voluntary fourth year study group composed of candidates and faculty.
  2. Participating faculty include child analysts in the region who may teach or supervise using audiovisual technology
  3. Candidates accepted into the program are child analytic candidates of the New Orleans–Birmingham Child Analytic Training Program.

Application for Child Psychoanalytic Training



Times of Classes

Seminars are held September through May. The times of classes are determined after the profile of applicants is known, identifying potential conflicts with home Institute schedules. However, the schedule is determined well in advance of the September start of classes so candidates can plan their schedules accordingly.


Distance Learning Technology

The program makes use of user-friendly, Internet technology and inexpensive equipment. For a detailed description of the recommended hardware and software email or call 504-899-5815.



Class Structure

Year One

Introduction to Child Analytic Technique

Continuing Case Conference


Year Two

Normal Development and Psychopathology

Continuing Case Conference


Year Three

Special Topics in Child Analysis

Continuing Case Conference


Year Four

Elective Study Group in Child Analysis