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The New Orleans-Birmingham Psychoanalytic Center (NOBPC) explores and educates. We provide an excellent, in-depth and accredited training program for those interested in adult and child psychoanalysis. In addition, NOBPC offers a variety of continuing education opportunities including: psychoanalytic training for residents; scientific meetings and study groups for professionals and scholars; and, community programs for professionals, scholars and interested persons. We offer a great community of brilliant minds and hope you will want to participate!

NOBPC was recently profiled by Bacchus Tales & Company which is a monthly digital magazine dedicated to the philosophy of celebrating diversity. In our topics, we strive to create content that is diverse, inclusive and unique. Click here to read the article:

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NOBPC ReferralsNOBPC Provides Tailored Referrals

If you’re looking for psychoanalytic psychotherapy, give us a call. You’ll speak with a trained professional who will ask you a few questions, research therapists that fit your needs, and return to you a complete list of available referrals.

What is Psychoanalysis?

Psychoanalysis is a set of theories, as well as a therapeutic practice, created by Austrian physician Sigmund Freud based on the observation that individuals’ emotions and behaviors are determined by unconscious factors. These unconscious factors may create unhappiness, troubling personality traits, difficulties in work or love relationships, or disturbances in mood and self-esteem. Because these forces are unconscious, the advice of friends and family, the reading of self-help books, or even the most determined efforts of will, often fail to provide relief.

Psychoanalytic treatment demonstrates how these unconscious factors affect current relationships and patterns of behavior, traces them back to their historical origins, shows how they have changed and developed over time, and helps the individual to deal better with the realities of adult life.

Practitioner Outreach

In support of professionals in communities undergoing post-disaster recovery, please visit Post-Disaster Therapists’ Resource.