NOBPC Referral Service

Are you interested in participating in either psychoanalysis or psychoanalytic/psychodynamic psychotherapy? If so, we personalize referrals based on a brief discussion with a trained clinician.

  1. Call NOBPC @ 504-899-5815 and leave a message or email
  2. A trained clinician will call you. You will have a confidential discussion about your situation and needs.
  3. Based upon this discussion, you will get contact information for clinicians, trained in psychoanalysis or psychoanalytic psychotherapy, who will be available to help you.

How can psychoanalytic psychotherapy benefit you?

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy looks to foster change by analyzing how past events and events from your early life may be affecting you in the present. This form of talk therapy will provide you with a safe, non-judgemental environment.  A psychoanalyst will listen to your concerns and look for patterns or events that may be significant.

Applications of Psychoanalytic Therapy

Psychoanalytic therapy can be used by those with a specific emotional concern as well as those who simply want to explore themselves. Understanding why we are the way we are often brings with it a sense of well-being and a stronger sense of self. As psychoanalytic therapy is considered one of the more long-term therapy types, it is perhaps less useful for those seeking quick, solution-focused therapies. Psychoanalytic therapy is a gradual process that takes time, however the results can be life changing.

Some believe due to the nature of the therapy, psychoanalytic work is better suited to more general concerns such as anxiety, relationship difficulties, sexual issues or low self-esteem. Phobias, social shyness and difficulties sleeping are further examples of areas that could be addressed within psychoanalytic therapy.